Kadeo Pty Ltd (Kadeo) (ABN: 30 128 982 329) provides boutique IT Advisory services to niche clients via ad-hoc engagements.

As such any engagement is specific in nature and governed by its own unique circumstances tailored to the wicked problem Kadeo’s helping solve.

General Terms

Unless otherwise specified any engagement will be based on the following terms:

  1. Unless required under Australian Consumer Law all work is non refundable as the major component of Kadeo’s services is labor.
  2. Any on-sold services/products provided by Kadeo as part of an IT Advisory solution will be completed in a transparent manor between the client and supplier. As such unless otherwise specified any ongoing support or maintenance of such serivces/proucts will be between the originating supplier and the client. As part of the IT Advisory services Kadeo will provide assistance in establishing this arrangement.

Electronic Payments

Kadeo has partnered with Zepto and Fat Zebra to provide both ad-hoc and scheduled payment services for its clients.

Any payment services are provided based on the conditions of the specific client engagement and the payments provider available via the payment providers website.